• 15th & 16th
  • January 2022
  • Norfolk Showground Arena




Hire a trade stand at OLL '22 for retail and brand promotion! Our Traders Zone Area is now open for applications!

Each Trading Zone is 3m x 3m and includes 1 trestle table and 2 chairs.

You may hire multiple Zones if required. Maximum allowance of 2 people per Zone hired.

Each Zone hire is for the full 2 days of the convention.

There are 2 types of Trading Zone - Artist and Retailer.

Artist: (£130 + booking fee)

Use your Zone for brand promotion. Ideal for YouTube and Twitch personalities, artists and podcasters. No merchandise sales should be conducted. If you wish to sell anything you should purchase the Retailer Zone type. Audio and video recording by the Zone holder is also permitted, in line with our policies (see FAQ for details). Please note there are no power supplies for Artist Zones.

Retailer: (£170 + booking fee)

Use your Zone to conduct retail and brand promotion. Ideal for small businesses and local brands. Traders are welcome to bring extra tables and chairs as well as provide stands, banners and other promotional material. Power supplies are available upon request. You may operate your own payment terminals using the venue’s WiFi. Audio and video recording by the Zone holder is also permitted, in line with our policies (see FAQ for details).


Want to showcase your brand at OLL '22?

Got bigger plans than an Artist or Retailer Zone?

Simply get in touch with us through any of our channels or use the form below to start discussing your proposal.

We are offering a limited number of FREE exhibitor areas across the weekend!!!


Want to be part of OLL '22?

Join us as a volunteer and help us take the convention to the next level! In return, all volunteers will receive FREE admission to the whole weekend’s activities!

Volunteers’ responsibilities will vary, but will all involve basic supervision and support of our various partners’ exhibition areas and ensuring the smooth running of the convention overall.

We’ll be asking each volunteer to support us for one day of the convention, and then they are welcome to enjoy FREE admission for the rest of the weekend.

Limited spaces are available, so apply quickly via the form below.




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